Before It Ceases to Matter

Remember how you once were
the ice cream vendor
on a hot summer day?

A smile…

And then your sunken eyes
reflect the truth
the way the sea recedes
and reveals empty shells.

Aren’t you a shell?

A hardened hollow structure
of vestiges from an ambitious past,
crudely assembled by unsure hands.

The years have caught up with you
and left much behind,
littering your memories
at each familiar turn.


Old Friends

While you wait for me
I rush to the place
But stop on seeing you
And remember the days
When this was easy and natural

Now I hide and peer
Unsure of what I’ll say
Of what you have to tell
Of what all we have forgotten
The years have harmed you less

Anxiety marks itself on you
Similar doubts stem I gather
I fail to sneak away
You see me now
We are in trouble