Do you see the caveat in his eyes?
I don’t and thus I sit beside
And watch him drown
His things in the river

See how that rivulet goes forth!
See how it cuts through the rocks
Abandoning all it once belonged to
How much courage would it have taken?

His hands work wildly
Till his fingers can only
Flay through the dirt
And then pause at my shoulder

There is that caveat again
His eyes betray him
I see it now
You should stay away

Just an Experiment

On the off chance
If all you see
Is a sea of black and white dots
Then step out from your shelter
And walk through your city

Pay no heed to
Sights, sounds or smell
They diminish and deceive the truth
Consistency robs them of consequence

Instead know your brothers
Know me
I lie each day on your street
Your neighbors are kind
They aid my poverty
But I don’t seek your grace
I only wish to tell my tale

I am your grocer too
Your milkman, your maid
Your office clerk, your guard
I am more than my occupation
Speak to me once
And discover for yourself

I am the stranger on the road
Walking towards you
Mindful of your presence
My thoughts and dreams as vivid as yours

Can you imagine the strength
of our combined urges?

Attempts to Reconcile

Not fully realized
Within the hours I sleep
I carry them along

I dine with them
I drink to them
When alone
I speak of them

At times more about one than another
At times never about one
But I carry that along too
Whims and urges demand that

Not even fully realized
Within this space
I leave them for sleep
And the next day