Until Then

Unlike Us

Flowing along the least resistant path
Is unmindful of destinations
Unconcerned about intentions

Perhaps the trick is to make the obstacles
And the challenges


Changing course
The waves break through the rough edges
And smooth over the obstinate rocks
Their clash nothing more than an embrace
A caress

Until then

This maze of easy delights
Is my home


A State of Mind

So what do we have here:

Cracked, dry and withered land;
Receptacle of refuse,
of dead trees with poisoned roots;
A vista of unparalleled ugliness.

Above, the ever-faithful sky,
still reminds me of possibilities
that lurk within its clouds,
of promises it intends to always keep.

And so I recall the days when frequent rains
would grace this earth my tired hands
planted with saplings that blossomed
into the forests that are no more.

The tragedy lies in the futility
of knowledge against distractions;
for nothing seems harder than
doing simple things every day.

A New Year

It is the same winter as last year

Outside, the familiar yet forgotten winds
Slither through my fingers
Uncurling my fists
Gliding over an older body
More settled, more comfortable, more resigned
More everything I didn’t set out to be

The way is dark and unclear
The turns evading my steps
Angry perhaps, hostile
Unwilling to forgive the abandonment

And now the winds – at first rushing through
Reverse their path
Pushing against my weakened resolve
My tired legs held captive to their strength

The message reverberates with each gust
With each false step
With each forced pause
With each unheard plea

What was cherished and then lost
Can be renewed but not reclaimed

From a Distance

This isn’t the time to look at him

Outstretched arms, more limp than taut,
absorb the overwhelming applause
of strangers

Sweat beads glisten
under the new lights;
you knew they would

It is easy to find him;
he is looking at you;
that’s the trick

Hold steady now;
It’s almost over;
Does it feel good?