A Certain Friend

We spent the entire evening
Speaking between silences
About art and sports
Literature and cinema

Our minds like the proverbial peas
Savouring the similarities
That overcame the awkwardness
And offered refuge from the mundane

But I fret over the day
When interests and facts fail
And the mundane is all
That can break the silence

How shall we speak then?
Our hesitancy might undo
The best of our efforts
Leaving nothing and no one

So accepting the failure’s familiarity
We’ll dream about the triumph
That might have been the beginning
Of something unfamiliar but eternal

Just an Experiment

On the off chance
If all you see
Is a sea of black and white dots
Then step out from your shelter
And walk through your city

Pay no heed to
Sights, sounds or smell
They diminish and deceive the truth
Consistency robs them of consequence

Instead know your brothers
Know me
I lie each day on your street
Your neighbors are kind
They aid my poverty
But I don’t seek your grace
I only wish to tell my tale

I am your grocer too
Your milkman, your maid
Your office clerk, your guard
I am more than my occupation
Speak to me once
And discover for yourself

I am the stranger on the road
Walking towards you
Mindful of your presence
My thoughts and dreams as vivid as yours

Can you imagine the strength
of our combined urges?

Old Friends

While you wait for me
I rush to the place
But stop on seeing you
And remember the days
When this was easy and natural

Now I hide and peer
Unsure of what I’ll say
Of what you have to tell
Of what all we have forgotten
The years have harmed you less

Anxiety marks itself on you
Similar doubts stem I gather
I fail to sneak away
You see me now
We are in trouble

The Ruse

While all the appropriate words
Are being said and shared
Accompanied by laughs, hugs and tears
I shall stand in a corner and disappoint

And then compensate later
Through a different medium
That allows much
To remain with me