The Dialogue

How rampantly I seem to be progressing!
There are questions to be answered
and I am now part of the rhetoric
that can answer them.
Imagine that!

I don’t need you to remind me
of what I used to say
or belittle even,
as if memory was the problem
or in any way the solution.

But let’s not talk about solutions.

Lies, I have discovered, only need consistency
and positive reinforcements,
well abetted by the doubts that I
am not ready to give the requisite time to
or garner enough courage to face.

Again, with your admonishments – stop!
and realize that you are simply a weak manifestation
of a dwindling urge that is too sporadic to matter;
a dull self appeasing distraction
that is too dependent on its own failure.

So isn’t it better if I focus towards where I am going?
Even if I still need your medium to convince myself,
which if nothing else does remind me
how comfortable I seem with contradictions
and how well aware of my own hypocrisy.


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